Transech's network maintenance and monitoring solutions aim to ensure the resiliancy of all business operations.

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Network Architecture

Reduce complexity with innovative technical services that transcend traditional support models. We provide proactive, pre-emptive technical services for hardware, software, multivendor solutions, and network environments. Our experienced team enhances IT operations, helping to ensure your IT works simply, consistently, and securely to keep your business running smoothly.

From beginning to end, we collaborate with you so that we fully understand your needs before we propose networking solutions. Our collaborative approach allows each of us to bring our best to the conversation—your team as the experts of your business, our team as the expert IT solutions provider.

At Transech, we overcome restrictive thoughts and barriers to continuously innovate and give our clients a competitive advantage. Our team stays on top of innovations in the IT industry and knows the latest in networking solutions, so we can serve you with the best technology.

Server Solutions

Transech server solutions enable you to focus on the business applications deployed on your infrastructure. These applications serve important business needs. Your infrastructure needs to serve employees consistently, reliably, and in more locations as they increasingly become more mobile. Additionally, the number of applications is growing. Industry requirements and costs are rising as the infrastructure gets more complex.

Transech server solutions help you increase the operational efficiency of your data center and create a more efficient infrastructure. It can help you to deliver a consistently high level of performance and support your growing information management needs.


Virtualization Technologies

Digital transformation requirements are driving the need for new architectures to dynamically utilize compute, storage, and networking resources in the data center. The applications require close proximity of compute and storage resources that are managed using software.

Transech virtualization technologies provide virtual infrastructure by combining compute, storage, and networking. Our solution provides a dynamic way to accomplish this based on application need. This translates to a data center infrastructure that is simpler, easier to scale, and easier to manage.

Our virtualization technologies allow customers to extend the operational simplicity of a hyperconverged infrastructure to more applications and use cases.

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